Spinach, Artichokes, Red Lentils, Oh My!

Spinach, Artichokes, Red Lentils, Oh My!

As promised, here is meal #1 from this week’s meal planning.  Tonight’s recipe was found on Whole Foods Market’s website.  I had to modify the recipe slightly because I didn’t purchase the linguine noodles at the store yesterday since I already had plenty of spaghetti noodles at home.  I also knew that I had yellow mustard seeds, but the recipe calls for brown. Other than that, I followed the instructions to a “T”.


You can choose to top your serving with a few red pepper flakes if you want to give it a kick of spice.The sauce has a smooth lemon taste to it that pairs nicely with the artichokes. Packed with 22 g of protein, and only 430 calories per serving, this is a perfect meal at the end of the day.

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